About us!

Buttons'n'Bows has existed for over 50 years! And we still have the best button selection in town! The store has changed hands several times and continues to change and grow to fit the needs of our loyal customers!

The Store Owner: Tina

Tina started sewing as a kid. Her mom taught her the basics and she always had a handmade Halloween costume! Now sewing is more than just a hobby. She has her own childrens' clothing line that she sells online and at local markets. When she's not at work she's either playing with her husband and her son Nathan, or sewing! 

Our amazing staff members!

With over 50 years sewing experience and a genuine love of all things creative, Jaynie is ready to advise you on your latest project. When she's not living aboard in the inner harbour you'll find her travelling or cooking up some new idea in her funky Fernwood home (complete with 2 schnauzers)


Hannah is a costuming student at the University of Victoria and, therefore, specializes in unique clothing creations. She's been sewing since childhood with a love for Halloween costumes and alternate fashion. Millinery, reading, and writing (as well as homework) are all things you'll find her doing when she isn't plying her trade.


Prairie is an avid knitter and weaver. She makes amazing hats and scarves!

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